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The growing condition for ginseng is very demanding. It must be located away from sunlight and in the dark shade.

Cultivation of Ginseng

The ginseng produced by Bing Han comes from Changbai Mountain (Baekdu Mountain) range in the northeast of the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture. At 38° longitude and 42° latitude,the ginseng grows on high mountains at 1200 meters above sea level. The temperature ranges from 16°C in the summer to -6°C in the winter.

Good aeration and abundant water resources are important features of the current landscape as they are basic requirements for ginseng growth.

With regard to the soil, organic fertilizer from 30 year old red pines is suitable for use. Only from such fertile soil could high quality ginseng be cultivated. Growing ginseng is difficult and costly.

In the Bing Han ginseng cultivation process, the first step is the removal of over 30 year old red pines. The treetops are burned to form natural organic fertilizer. The soil is then stirred and sifted dozens of times to eliminate soil bacteria before the planting and cultivation stage commences. As ginseng is difficult to care for, the cultivation process requires diligent effort. Ginseng absorbs nutrients in the soil during the cultivation period and so must be re-transplanted every two years in order to maintain an appropriate supply of soil nutrients. The ginseng used by the Bing Han Pharmaceutical Factory must be cultivated for six years before it can be harvested and used.

Bing Han produces ginseng using low heat temperature and up to 120 days of special dehydration process. This allows the natural essence of ginseng to be preserved and is suitable for long- term daily use.


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